The first Last Policeman book comes close (the sequels are in my to-read pile) by Ben Winters. It's a dystopian crime novel. Also The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway. That's a great dystopian comedy (although there is a bad guy in the end, if I remember right). » 8/21/14 4:26pm Today 4:26pm

It's a pun of the term "soap opera," which was, in itself, a derisive term for serial daytime dramas that started back in the days of radio. Radio shows would have a single sponsor (instead of sets of commercials) and soap operas were often targeted at housewives and their sponsors were cleaning product companies. … » 8/20/14 5:33am Yesterday 5:33am

I'm working on a novel and I'm most productive when I'm not reading other novels (non-fiction seems to be fine). I suspect that novel reading and writing occupy a similar area of my brain and the overlap is too taxing. (It's a working theory.) Stephen King has recommended that writers starting out spend four hours a… » 8/15/14 5:05pm 8/15/14 5:05pm

I think the HUGE change driverless cars will bring about is in child care. If we're willing to put unattended children in driverless cars (and when the cars are safer than human drivers and with the car connected to the parents' phones I can't imagine a world where it won't eventually happen) there will be no more… » 8/14/14 5:40pm 8/14/14 5:40pm

Disney had the rights to The Puppet Masters which came out in 1994. Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio (Aladdin, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean) did the adaptation. They had pretty much no budget and the movie sucked. If someone had sold off rights to one book to "test the waters" they would have reeled the rest in… » 8/13/14 7:44pm 8/13/14 7:44pm

True story from screenwriting school (Why yes, I do have a useless degree!), I literally encountered multiple scripts which were about guys who had been dumped, who then moved to New York and became awesome filmmakers and got their girlfriends back (or got better girlfriends). This was in New York. It was like… » 8/13/14 5:52pm 8/13/14 5:52pm

Will people please quit equating "Millennials"with "upper middle class white kids I've met on the coasts, or maybe Chicago"? Millenials are the most diverse generation of Americans (in terms of racial/ethnic make-up, in terms of open gender expression and sexuality, and in terms of religion) ever. There are more… » 8/13/14 4:42am 8/13/14 4:42am

But I would pay for adjustments at my local place (where I get my eyes checked). A simple sign saying "Adjustments: Free if you bought your glasses here! $2 for all others." would be fine by me. Heck, I'd probably go up to $5 since I usually only get my glasses adjusted quarterly. » 8/06/14 8:50pm 8/06/14 8:50pm

But think of all the jobs we could create: thousands more mental health professionals, social workers, thousands of sober companions, legal drug sellers, legal importers. I think intravenously consumed drugs should only be legally taken in the presence of trained medical staff: that means clinics get built and… » 8/01/14 1:44pm 8/01/14 1:44pm

But cosplay (the thing, not the word) has a long and storied American history! Mike Resnick did a great round up, starting with Forest Ackerman in 1939. Here are pics from Worldcon's 1953 costume competition. And of course, dressing up in Halloween costumes is almost an entirely American invention. Don't sell our… » 7/27/14 2:29pm 7/27/14 2:29pm

Let's just talk about the fact that your only choice in the US is epidural. I'm not interested in being told I can't move while, y'know, doing something incredibly physical. Not to mention having needles in my spine. Rock on that it didn't freak you out! » 7/27/14 5:08pm 7/27/14 5:08pm

Women's clothing sizing is a vast quagmire of utter nonsense. Trying to understand it will eventually make your brains drip out of your ears. (It's why we're all so gosh darn dum!) What you'll really love is that a "6" can mean anything from a very, very small, to a moderately large depending on the brand and cut. … » 7/27/14 4:58pm 7/27/14 4:58pm

So there are 1,023 comments at this point (WOW! and CONGRATS!) and I'm not scrolling through them all to find it, but you literally can't leave Neuromancer off this list. If the book creates a subgenre (or defines it or wholly embodies it) it needs to be included. The fact that I, Robot (or Caves of Steel) isn't on… » 7/26/14 9:11pm 7/26/14 9:11pm